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Essential Endodontics is a dental specialty practice dedicated to optimal patient benefit by treating the individual tooth referred for Endodontic treatment within the full mouth treatment plan designed by the general dentist.  The general dentist is our partner in providing quality dental care to patients in our community.

Keys to Success of this Dental Practice

  1. State-of-the-Art  Practice Essential Endodontics will be using state-of-the art equipment and software in order to deliver timely, precise and efficient care to patients. These include digital radiography, surgical microscope, the latest in machine driven instruments and techniqes.
  2. Caring:  At Essential Endodontics, during our consultations, we will listen to the patient and discuss their concerns with regard to treatment planning, long- and short-term prognosis and treatment alternatives, in order to embark on a treatment plan that is most beneficial to the patient. Six to twelve month after care follow-up is part of our treatment at no additional cost to the patient. 
  3. Comfort:  Essential Endodontics will determine the complete health history as well as any incidence of dental pain, dental anxiety or phobia in order to treat the patient comfortably with limited side effects or cross reaction with other medication.
  4. Experience:  Training, experience in the field, and continued dental education will have a positive impact on the dental team as well as the patients.
  5. Communication:  We take special care to know your clinical preferences so that your patients are ready for the restorations. We will send letters of consultation and completion for each patient with x-rays included.  Our communications are HIPAA compliant. 

We appreciate your trust in our services  

 Please take a moment to fill out our Dentist Preference Form and fax it in so that we can update our records.  Our Referral Form has the location of our practice and pertinent information about the case, if you ar running low, please call our office and we will send you a packet. Our Case Difficulty Form enables the general dentist to assign a level of difficulty to a particular case.